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MIT School has participated in the first Historical Recreation of the entrance of Ferdinand the Catholic in Marbella on June 10, 1485 on the occasion of the 533rd anniversary of the surrender of the Muslims surrender and the appointment of St. Barnabas is named patron saint of the city.

Fifty extras from cities such as Malaga, Granada and Madrid participated in the first historical recreation of this date.


The historical performance started from Salinas Street at 09.45 hours, from where the king’s march on horseback began, accompanied by his entourage, and then recreated the delivery of the key to the city until the arrival of the procession to the Plaza de la Iglesia, where a medieval camp was set up in which at 13.00 and 17.30 hours there were educational talks about this period, their lifestyle, religion, as well as the trades of the people living in this period.

Then Fernando El Católico and his entourage entered the Plaza de la Iglesia and left for Calle Carmen to finally reach the Santiago Hermitage, in the Plaza de Los Naranjos, culminating their take of the city on the balcony of the Marbella Town Hall where they proceeded to impose the city’s banner. Around 12 noon, a parade of giants and bigheaded people was held along the streets of the historic centre.

At MIT School we are delighted to participate in cultural activities that enhance the rich historical heritage of our province. Here are some pictures of this fantastic day that was also the cover of the Sur newspaper.