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The city of Córdoba became the capital of martial arts last August.

Teachers and amateurs gathered there to witness the grand award ceremony given by the Council of Masters of Martial Arts of Spain, A Prestigious Spanish institution that brings together in its ranks the best and great martial arts masters of international prestige, with a philosophy that bets for the authenticity of things, humility and respect, values of teachers who have invested a lot of time and effort in their Martial Arts, with an exemplary life, people who have come to be recognized as teachers because they treasure in their career a real experience of work, effort, perseverance and extraordinary excellence.

This year one of the winners has been our Sensei Antonio Quero, 5th Dan of the Aikikai of Tokyo, and 5th Dan by the Rfajyda, with the handover of the Saint George Medal from the hands of Mrs. CORAL BISTUER. Gold Medal in Barcelona 92 and Bronze in Seoul 88, among many other titles. Award that he dedicated to his family and his school, MIT SCHOOL.

We remember that the Saint George Medal is an award to distinguish the trajectory of those people who are faithful to the ideals of the Martial Arts, people who have devoted themselves body and soul to the Martial Arts, to its transmission and teaching, making his trajectory an example of his values and as not, a high level of mastery.

A great “Congratulations Sensei !!!”

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