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MIT School not only promotes the transmission of its values ​​and knowledge within the school itself, but also expands these maxims out of it. That is why MIT never misses the chance to sponsor such interesting events as the First International Conference on Trombone: Formation , History and Educational Development. The purpose of this conference, to be held in Malaga during the 9th and 10th of May, is to study the practical, historical and educational development of the trombone, addressing goals and lines of action to enhance the musical and cultural sphere in general, and the trombone’s one in particular.  Thus, the variety of perspectives from which the instrument will be approached, together with the contributions offered by different specialists, teachers and researchers from around the world, will increase the scientific knowledge of the interdisciplinary fields related to the trombone.

MIT School, devoted to the teaching of music as part of the personal and academic growth of its students, shares its role as a sponsor with prominent institutions as the University of Málaga , The International Trombone Association or the High Conservatory of Music in Malaga.