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Our sensei Antonio Quero 5th Dan for the Aikikai of Tokyo and 5th Dan for the Fanjyda (Dpto.Aikido), traveled last weekend to Paris to attend an Aikido course, specifically to Vincennes, where the Dojo of his Master Christian Tissier is located, 8th Dan of the Aikikai of Tokyo, Shihan and member of the Superior Council of the International Aikido appointed by the Doshu (maximum exponent of Aikido in the World, grandson of the founder of Aikido) and godfather of our school MIT SCHOOL .

His Dojo is not a common Dojo, it is an emblematic place, a place of constant movement, both for adults and children, where hundreds of black belts have come from and have passed around the world,like Yasmaguchi Sensei , Endo Sensi, Frank Noel, etc …

The practice is very intense and hard, the level is very high, the demands are maximum, it is a place to give everything and at the same time return home with renewed energies and illusions.

Master Tissier, is a master of rig24131256_1764721510206866_6187556671681743273_n 24059425_1764721946873489_3026756392478476938_o 24059203_1764721933540157_2843103734263820448_n 24129660_1764722740206743_5583538324976973956_norous etiquette, serious image but close, great teaching and teaching, elegant, powerful and perfect techniques, tireless researcher and traveler, takes your Aikido to the most important countries in the world. He is the first Westerner who holds the 8th Dan title given by the Aikikai te Tokyo.

“Aikido can be understood more as a system of education, it is a method that integrates a series of principles in terms of communication, exchange and respect for integrity, it is the search for a pure gesture even though an adversary is in front of you to destabilize you. · Aikido is defined in terms of search or research, in which the tool is the body.In short, I could recommend aikido because I believe it is an activity that will help develop everything that comes together the human.” Sensei C.Tissier,