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Last October our sensei Antonio Quero 5th Dan of the Aikikai of Tokyo and 5th Dan by the Federation of Judo Department of AIkido, participated with Stephane Goffín 6th Dan of the Aikikai, in a technical course in the city of Portimão (Portugal).

In this city Aikidokas from different countries met, in which they exchanged technical knowledge about the handling of weapons (Bokken / Jo), their emotional and technical effectiveness, which are considered at MIT school on a daily basis.

As always, the need for attitude was emphasized both in scheduled attacks or in the vicissitudes of life. The martial artist must be inside and outside the tatami, without fear, controlling emotions, making precise decisions at the right time, complying with the rules and following the path of Budo, under strict discipline, which begins with oneself. In the times we are living, it is fundamental to consolidate martial knowledge, body, mind and spirit coordination. and be able to pass them on to future generations.

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