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El quinteto de metales Brass-Time interpretando a Los Beatles en La Caja Blanca

The quintet Brass-Time interpreting The Beatles in La Caja Blanca

On 22 November, MIT School celebrated the Music Day by attending an educational concert in remembrance of one of the most important groups of all time. The Beatles. The music of the revolution is the name that the brass quintet Brass-Time  -consisting of two trumpets, one french horn, a trombone and a tuba- gave to this show in which students  heard classics like Penny Lane , Yesterday or Hey Jude.


By interpreting these iconic songs, the musicians showed the artistic evolution of a key group in history and, at the same time, the different socio-political and cultural events that took place concurrently. With the help of not only the instruments, but also videos and bilingual explanations, the students understood, in an entertaining way, some major moments in recent history. In addition, they also learned the characteristics of all the components of a brass quintet and had a great time!