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Once again, we are pleased to announce the triumphs of our students and former students. This is the case of Marta Vega (who studied at MIT School until second year of high school), who has just won the Andaluces del Futuro award in the Sports category.

A totally deserved prize taking into account that Marta is one of the young promises of the national karate. Her record speaks for herself: she has been champion of Spain and Europe both individually and team the last two years and runner-up Team World in 2017. She is the Spanish representative in the category of female junior kata, and first in the world ranking.

Along with her have also been awarded: investigator Manuel Delgado Baquerizo (Science) Cristina Montes Mateo (Culture), Juan José Mostazo Salazar (Enterprise) and Jose Manuel Olmedo Olmedo (Social values).