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“The fetus hears sounds through the womb, receives the images and textures through her mother’s impressions and smells the aromas in the amniotic fluid of the placenta; thus baby’s senses become channels for that information reaches theirs brains and strengthen harmoniously all intellectual and psychomotor functions”. Of that certainty is born the Babysapien Course of Multisensorial Stimulation and Intelligences Harmonization for Nasciturus.

The course, which method is based on scientific principles and sources, will be held at MIT School next July on days 1, 2, 8, 9, 15 and 16 from 10:00 to 13:00. During the sessions, 12 modules will be given in which the fetal auditory system will receive stimuli through a school of sounds and explanations, images, aromas and textures.The aim is that the new born baby be “stronger and prepared for the life he will have to live”. Therefore, the baby wil have an increase of vision thanks to maturing the optical nerve; better body control , more physical strength, better muscle tone and early development of fine motor and gross motor skills; an outstanding curiosity and interest to learn about their environment and they are eager to learn; attention and concentration sustained and outstanding; a healthy regulation trend of the insomnia -sleep cycles, and an improvement of intellectual abilities and prevention of malformations and alterations in mental functions.

The course will be imparted to pregnant women from the 5th month of pregnancy, in groups, by María Hernández y Tomás, psychologist, Member of M-7154, Counselor of the Department of psychology at MIT School Málaga and Director of Babysapien. The number of places is limited, and enrolment is open until June 25, 2013. If you want detailed tecnical information please contact Ms. Hernández in the 680177099 or by email. Moreover, for prices and way of payment please contact the school by phone or email.