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Andrea Ruiz, alumna de MIT School, actuó en el Teatro Cervantes y el CAC

The MIT School student Andrea Ruiz, in 4º ESO, has starred in the cultural events held recently in Málaga. The pupil sang on May 6 in a participatory concert organized at the Teatro Cervantes along with the Orfeón Preuniversitario, in a ceremony led by the stage direction of Xavier House and the musical direction of Óscar Penyarroya. The Obra Social La Caixa introduced this participatory project in which Andrea was chose among many amateur singers.

A solo concert, an instrumental ensemble and a choir made ​​up of over a hundred amateur singers interpreted throughout the night songs like Old man river (1927 ) , I got rhythm (1930 ), Anything Goes (1934 ), You’ll never walk alone (1945 ), Westphalia chorale (1956) and All That jazz (1975). The show worked as a tour throughout the magic and seduction of the history of musical theater, from its origins until today.

During the following two days (7 and 8 May), Andrea also performed at the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo (CAC ), where she danced in a show organized by the teachers and students from the 4th, 5th and 6th courses of the Professional Grade of the Dance Conservatory. The choreographies took place in the rooms where El Roto works were exposed, which gave the show a spectacular nature based on the mixing of contemporary painting and dance, linked along the routine. The experience not only allowed to combine different artistic languages​​, but also enabled spaces where choreographers and performers could showcase their work to the public.

This time, it was again Andrea Ruiz the main protagonist (she had already starred in the Christmas Party at the Teatro Cervantes), but at any time it could be any other student of the MIT Conservatory of Music and Dance, or from our Introductory Music Workshops. We are very proud of our young artists!