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This year we join the network of UNESCO associated schools redPEA, with more than 10,000 members in 180 countries around the world. By joining this group, we commit ourselves to develop multidisciplinary projects related to peace and human rights, sustainable development, global citizenship and intercultural learning. At MIT School we believe in the integral development of our students and we support UNESCO’s values regarding the humanist, ethical, cultural and international dimensions of education.

For example, students can: research, learn and share their findings on climate change by producing radio podcasts or school newspapers; interview their elders about old and new challenges affecting their community; learn how to protect world heritage sites or biosphere reserves near their school; exchange ideas with young people in other countries about the impact and effects of HIV and AIDS; participate in art competitions to raise awareness of disability; organize public campaigns on International Human Rights Day; visit gardens and parks to learn about biodiversity.

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