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At MIT School we are certain about the benefits of the music, and that’s why we have an Official Conservatory, that students can begin when they are eight. But, for our pupils to have the opportunity to know and practice music from three years old we have created an Introductory Music Workshop, a new extracurricular activity. Its teaching staff has extensive experience and dual degree: Magisterio Musical (diploma) and Superior degree of Piano (BA Degree).

This workshop is aimed to stimulate and develop body language , motor skills, concentration and learning capacities, and improve self-esteem. There will be games, dances, songs, auditions, use of percussion, making instruments etc. In addition, there will be demonstrations from professional who will explain the different instruments. They will be capturing the students interest in learning instruments such as saxophone, trumpet, guitar, among others.

For those interested, please contact Víctor Perez here.