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One of our students returns this year to MIT School after having spent the previous one in the United States with her family. Do you want to know how has been her experience? His father, Jose Luis Pastrana, tells us about it here:

“I would like to use these lines, on the one hand, to encourage all parents who have a chance to have their children attend an academic year in the United States not to be afraid to do so, and on the other hand, to thank MIT School for the work done with our children and the level and preparation it gives them since they begin at age 3.

My daughter attended third grade at Marshall Elementary School (Oxford, Ohio) and was at MIT since Reception 1. Upon arriving in Oxford, she was assessed by the school district and they stated that she did not need classroom support. She was perfectly integrated at the school and culminated its course of Primary third with good grades and many friends.

Obviously, this year she has returned to MIT full of joy to see her school friends again, missing her American friends and with an Ohio accent. After the reunion, Mr. Díaz told me that the school had twinned with another American school and that they were going to strengthen the stays and exchanges of students and teachers. Personally, I consider it a great success and a great opportunity for all of those who form the family of this great school”.

Thank you for your words, José Luis! And welcome back!

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