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We are going to participate once again in the Science Week of the Technology Park of Andalusia, to be held from 7 to 18 November! This year, the goals are:

1. To know the reality of the Technology Park of Andalusia through the Open Days.

2. To get to know companies located in the PTA through the Routes of Knowledge.

3. To learn about science and innovation through the ‘Theater on science and technological parks’

4. To bring the most creative part of the technological world to students through Robotics and 3D printing workshops.

5. To explore the Industrial Malaga with the workshop ‘Where is Eolo? From the aeolipile to the battery ‘, in which we will observe different energy sources.

6. To explore the universe and discover some peculiarities about astronomy through the Solar Observation workshop.

7. To develop the artistic side by participating in the PTA Photo Contest.

We are looking forward to it!