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A level students live two years full of stress: they must get good grades in order to apply for the degree they choose not only during the course, but also in Selectividad. Furthermore, after passing this test, they will have just two months before starting college, with the changes that it entails. And during the summer? Although in theory they should enjoy a well deserved rest, they have to make an effort to get their driver’s license!

MIT School is aware of this problem, and in order to optimize students’ time once they finish Selectividad, has begun to offer theoretical and practical lessons for obtaining the license. These are being taught to students over 16 years during extramural time (between 16:00 and 17:00) every day, so they can choose from one to four lessons a week for the same price than any other extracurricular activity.

Thanks to this solution, students will have enough time for passing the exam once they finish Bachillerato (the theoretical test is valid  two years upon approval). In fact, as pointed out, the practical classes will also be taught at school, where cars will pick up students and then they will be returned to the facilities.

Autoescuelas Urbano is in charge of the classes, for what Tráfico has approved the adequacy of two classrooms in the school. Their experienced teachers offer complete security and peace of mind for parents, who may also be part of the lessons should they wish. Those interested can enroll here or at the office.

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