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Christmas is approaching, a time to buy gifts and enjoy in family, but also to have a gesture with the most needy people. From MIT School we carry out several solidarity activities in which we involve our students, since we consider that helping in this task is a good learning for them. Until the 20th of December there will be a collection of different foods and cleaning products that will be destined to the shelter Pepe Bravo in Alozaina (check our news page to see which products correspond to each class In addition, we will collect toys for the Prendimiento Brotherhood that will go to the neighborhood of Capuchinos. Together we do more!

The delivery of these products will be made by our students at the entrance of the school, in boxes intended for this and so we have distributed the delivery of products by classes:

3 Year Old – Reception A Lentils and toothpaste
4 Year Old – Reception A Macaroni (Pasta) and paper napkins
4 Year Old – Reception B Salt and toilet paper
5 Year Old – Reception A Sugar and shampoo
1st Primary A Cooking oil and dishwashing detergent
1st Primary B Milk and laundry detergent
2nd Primary A Canned fruit (pineapple, peach…) and dishwashing detergent
2nd Primary B Tinned Food (tuna, sweet corn, tomato….) and toothpaste
3rd Primary A Colacao (drinking chocolate) and bath gel
3rd Primary B Coffee and paper napkins
4th Primary A Cereal and toilet paper
4th Primary B Biscuits and shampoo
5th Primary A Vinegar and laundry detergent
5th Primary B Christmas sweets and baby wipes
6th Primary A Lentils and dishwashing detergent
6th Primary B Rice and ammonia
1st ESO A Beans (dried) and bleach
1st ESO B Macaroni (Pasta) and Christmas sweets
2nd ESO Coffee and bleach
3rd ESO Milk and paper napkins
4th ESO Tinned food (tuna, sweetcorn, tomato….) and laundry detergent
1st Bachillerato Cooking oil and laundry softener
2nd Bachillerato Lentils and ammonia