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Last month an Aikido technical course was given by the international teacher Stephane Goffín 6th Dan of the Aikikai and student of the prestigious teacher Christian Tisser 8th Dan of the Aikikai. This event was held in the facilities of MIT SCHOOL, where a number of Aikidokas, national and abroad, joined together.

During the course, a great diversity of techniques were studied in the handling of the Bokken (traditional wooden Japanese sword Katana) and the Jo (1.26 cm wooden stick), as well as different techniques on empty hands and applications to self-defense. The transcendence of Aikido as a mean of communication and its application to emotional intelligence in teaching was also seen.

During the event, our Sensei Antonio Quero was given a bureaucratic form of the 5th Dan of the Aikikai of Tokyo, which he had already been awarded by his teacher Christian Tissier, our sensei being currently 5th Dan for the Rfenjyda (national) and the AIkikai of Tokyo (international), being the only 5th Dan in Spain of the line of the teacher Christian Tissier 8ºDan.

The course took place in a great atmosphere of harmony and cooperation.

In December, Stephane Goffín will return to our Dojo that, in conjunction with our Sensei, will be held black belt examinations from 1st to 4th Dan.

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